New Identification Solution for Retailers with No Media Discontinuity

Lekkerland and epay introduce digital ID solution and generate more convenience for customers buying prepaid products through new on-site identification via electronic ID card in service stations.

Full-service payment provider epay and European mobile payment solution Bluecode announce strategic partnership

During the EHI Innovation Days, Blue Code International and epay announced a strategic cooperation.

Shaping the future of mobile payment in retail together: epay becomes a member of the EHI Mobile Payment Initiative

epay – prepaid pioneer and global full-service payment provider for gift card, prepaid and payment solutions – is now a new member of the EHI Mobile Payment Initiative.

Circle K Ireland introduces epay gift cards to stores nationwide

The epay gift cards that are now available in Circle K stores are prepaid vouchers that can be used to purchase items on online gaming, streaming and food delivery services, such as Spotify, PlayStation, Just Eat and Xbox.

Doing charity with vouchers

In keeping with the motto "Be an epay wish fulfiller - Make others happy!", many employees at epay got involved to give socially disadvantaged fellow human beings a little joy for the holidays.

Digital business model for incentive solutions for business customers: The new ALDI voucher webshop

epay, leading international full-service payment provider and specialist for prepaid and payment solutions, presents with the new gift certificate webshop for ALDI a digital incentive platform especially for the corporate partners of the trading group under

Alipay now available in Swiss branches of the Müller drugstore chain

The traditional drugstore group Müller now offers Alipay as a payment method in its 60 Swiss branches. The technical implementation was again handled by epay, a specialist for electronic payment transactions.

epay launches streaming voucher card from TVNOW

Full-service payment provider epay is placing the new TVNOW voucher card in stores and online as a prepaid payment method, securing the streaming service access to new user groups in the growing streaming market just in time for Christmas .

How the epay gift card module can help the “bank branch of the future” become a digital market place

Gift cards, cell phone products, concert tickets: A pilot project initiated by the Volks- and Raiffeisenbanken shows how bank branches can be turned into modern points of sales.

Alipay available in the Swiss kiosk market for the first time via Margot

French & Italian versions available - As the technical implementer, the epay Euronet segment is launching a new scalable reseller model for franchises and cooperatives in the form of the advanced Margot solution

The parking garage of the future opens in Cologne:mobility and service hub for cyclists and motorists in the district

The basic parking garage is a thing of the past - the first mobility hub is opening in Cologne at the start of September and is set to catch on. It not only has parking for drivers and cyclists, it also provides a comprehensive service and mobility offering – without barriers, tickets or the need to look for small change.

Digital Vouchers and epay announce mobile prepaid credit management partnership

Digital Vouchers GmbH, enables consumers to manage credit on all commonly used gift cards and prepaid products flexibly in one application available as an app and on the Internet. The company’s cooperation with epay, Europe’s leading provider of prepaid and gift card solutions, will from now on also encompass the provision of prepaid credit products from the gaming, entertainment and shopping sectors.

That´s how retailers can now score points with their customers – digital voucher cards to make someone happy!

Due to the mobility restrictions, customer needs in particular are changing permanently. Customers are striving for security and are shifting work, consumption and leisure time to their homes. Nevertheless, people want to stay in touch and not lose their emotional ties to one another.

Quicker and hygienic way to get your ticket: Cash-free and contactless payment now available in some buses in Paderborn

Press Release from 22 April 2020: From now on, passengers on the green go.on buses can pay for their tickets with Girocard and credit card in addition to cash.

How a digital donation voucher solution can look like in retail

We work together with companies in the food trade on a trusting basis for their range of voucher cards in the shop as well as online. This enables us to realise fundraising campaigns for our partners within a very short time, both technically and commercially.

Digital solution for Sodexo Restaurant Pass

Sodexo, epay and Zucchetti present new digital solution for the Sodexo Restaurant Pass at EuroShop

epay wins ALDI SÜD as a customer for add-on promotions

epay has won ALDI SÜD as a customer. The collaboration includes recurring monthly add-on promotions in the valuable non-food segment. Customers will receive an ALDI SÜD gift card when they buy selected promotional items.

epay Italy boost digital gifting with TV Spot

Italy is still 80% cash driven, so that digital payments are still relatively at the beginning. Nevertheless, the digital payment world is becoming increasingly important in Italy and throughout Europe.

epay in the media

“Lendstar is a highly innovative mobile payment pioneer. From the get-go, we were extremely impressed not only by the company’s technical solutions, but also by its founder,”

Marc Ehler //Managing Director epay Europe – Quelle:

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