New technologies in stationary retail make existing interactions between customers and retailers – such as payment – more convenient. At the same time, they offer additional possibilities for making contact, for example in the form of interactive advice. In this way, the point of sale becomes the point of interaction.


Industry giants such as McDonald’s and Co. have shown the way and have their customers order cashless at the terminal. IKEA is also reporting steadily growing numbers at self-service checkouts. We are also following this trend and are creating room for new concepts at the POS with our self-service terminals. Profit with your business from the fast, simple and space-saving expansion to the end customer!

The advantages of self-service terminals are obvious: they are location-neutral, flexible and space-saving. They are also customer-oriented through offers of online tariffs in stationary retail. And the retailer benefits from the expansion of his own portfolio and new opportunities for expansion without shop space.

The future in retail has already begun and promises new interaction possibilities with the customer! 
It will be driven by technological advances such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality in conjunction with smart data and pioneers who are breaking new ground.  


REWE Group is assuming such a role by immediately equipping Rewe and Penny stores throughout Germany with around 90 eKiosks with a pilot expansion and thus pushing ahead with the digitisation of its own voucher card segment at the point of sale.

 “The REWE Group order is very significant for us – as the exclusive partner, we make a material contribution to the improvement of cross-channel and pioneering customer experience management, and the eKiosk is the next joint step in this venture,”

Marc Ehler
Managing Director epay Europe

The self-checkout for SIM cards

Imagine that your customer would buy a smartphone from you and then select his rate himself via a terminal, enter his personal data live and then take home a finished, activated SIM card.  Sounds impossible? Quite the opposite, because with our self-checkout terminal, this is exactly what is possible. The device comes with everything you need:

  • Identity card scanner
  • Camera in frame for image verification
  • Fingerprint scanner (optional)
  • Selection of the Prepaid / Postpaid rate
  • Real-time switching through online connection of the network operator
  • SIM card printer and slot for output
  • Receipt printer as proof of transfer

The system can be used practically anywhere, for example in train stations, airports, car rentals, electronics stores – simply anywhere where there are many people.

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